Monday, April 2, 2012

Finding Frank: CSIA 2012


On Friday April 27th, Frank Hurtte will join Neil Montgomery – the President of the Association for High Technology Distribution – at the Control Systems Integrators Association meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona in presenting The Solution Triangle: Customer, Distributor and Systems Integrator. 

Cousins in the Automation Industry, Systems Integrators and Technology-based Distributors share a common heritage.  They have some of the same family traits.  But like real life cousins – who rarely spend time together, the need for periodic communications is paramount. 

In this presentation, Neil will announce the results of a thought provoking survey of CSIA members.  In his role as industry consultant and color commentator, Frank Hurtte, of River Heights Consulting will draw conclusions and provide actionable tips for building a mutually beneficial relationship.

The whole concept around the Solution Triangle was developed by River Heights Consulting and first appeared in Motion Systems Design Magazine.  Read it HERE (will need to click thru to article- upper right.)  To register for CSIA 2012 or to print an agenda, click HERE.

As the Founding Partner of River Heights Consulting, Frank has been on the forefront of Knowledge-based sales relationships.  His clients include Systems Integrators, Distributors and Manufacturers who participate in the Automation, Motion Control and Process industry.

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