Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Funny for the CRM Haters

An engineering funny that had me laughing a bit more than necessary.  Tomorrow is Friday.  A great time to catch up on paperwork, follow up on calls, and check in with your favorite bloggers.  I'll be honest, my last post concerning CRMs was not well received.  I have a feeling so many of you just hate the THOUGHT of a CRM that you didn't even read the article!  Trust me, if you are a hater, and I can't say I have always loved them, there is something useful for you as well.  Brian Gardner knows what he's talking about!  That being said, I happen to love a little controversy.  Send me your hate mail concerning CRMs as I think this point needs some attention as well!  As usual, you will get a postcard from Iowa for submitting your idea!

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