Friday, March 9, 2012

Truth in Numbers

It seems we work in a world obsessed with numbers: measurements on schematics, gross margin percentages, sales quotas, minutes on our phones, days until vacation, etc. I admit it, I love them too! After all, numbers give us concrete evidence of where we are thriving. They also let us know when improvements are necessary. So often we think we’re producing at one level, but when we see it on paper, reality sets in. The same holds true when it comes to evaluating our business relationships. Whether you’re trying to put value on an employee, a distributor, or a manufacturer, it’s important to have a definitive, universal scale for each category. Over the next few months, I’ll be posting articles each week with this in mind. The series will start with self-evaluation. It’s hard to grade anyone else, if you can’t be honest about your own performance! I look forward to reading your thoughts and how you use evaluations in your own organization!

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