Sunday, August 3, 2008

Distributors need to add Training to their Mix

We have long pushed for Distributors to get involved in the training business. This is especially true for those wholesalers involved in technology oriented businesses.

But allow me to add a point of clarification here; when many think of technology they think of Silicon Valley - computers, data-communications and the like. Technology is nearly anything that changes and needs a bit of training to understand. Distributor members of HARDI, NAED, PTDA, AHTD, NIBA, SEDA and others should be considering training as a potential source of revenue.

We believe that Distributor Specialists need to be involved in the training. Many upper quartile distributors have already figured this out, others are quietly ramping up their efforts.

A resent survey conducted by accounting firm, RSM McGladrey, detailed the need for skilled workers.

“One in five companies cannot find the workers they need for today’s advanced technology manufacturing and wholesale distribution environments,” said Karen Kurek, managing director in RSM McGladrey’s manufacturing and wholesale distribution practice. “As baby boomers retire, demand for labor will certainly increase – irrespective of economic conditions. The industry is challenged with properly training displaced workers and bringing jobs where workers are located.”

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