Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Follow-up Report on Distributor Scams

A couple of weeks ago we posted a story about scams going out to distributors. Well, they continue. Here is something fresh from the inbox, only this time we decided to reach out to the number listed. After several rings it was picked up and answered "FMC Corporation" in a less than professional manner – not a good sign. We asked the person answering if he was Paul Graves to which he proceeded to confirm. Playing the part of a local distributor, we indicated that we provide freight with our orders so in order to properly quote, we required a shipping address. Things got quiet for a moment then we were told the products will be shipped to either Wisconsin, Australia or someplace garbled and unpronounceable.

The person on the other end of the phone asked if we could email our questions to them rather than talk on the phone. I plan to reach out sometime in the near future, just as soon as I set up my own scam email address; something like W. Coyote Automation of Arizona.

These things are prevalent.
I got a call this week from the Channel Manager for a major manufacturer of motion control products. She related that she had received six calls from distributors asking about proper pricing for one of the parts listed in a recent scam request. Further, she indicated one distributor may have made at least a partial shipment to the address provided by the scam artist. Typically, these folks use the address of vacant buildings or empty lots and arrange to meet the driver in route. Thus making it harder for them to be identified.

For your reading enjoyment, and hopefully a money saving tip, here is what the email looked like. By the way, the phone numbers ring to a scammer so beware.

Be safe and have a Great Thanksgiving

Good Morning,
This is Paul Graves from FMC Corporation, we would like to have price quote for ACS550 spec given below;
***ACS550-U1-157A-4 – ABB Wall Mounted Drive, NEMA 1, 3-Phase 380-480V, 125HP....10 units
Thanks and looking forward to your response.
Warmest Regards,
Paul Graves Sr. VP & CFO FMC Corporation FMC Tower, 2929 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 Phone: 215.220.3872 Fax: 215.299.5998

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article on the scam, we got hit a couple of weeks ago by another company. We were able to get the product back. The shipping company contacted us on the delivery and when we called the correct company. They told us it was a scam. We stopped all shipments and was able to only lose out on the freight. It was also ABB drives