Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Green Deal

Today everything is turning green. Gigantic companies (like GE) are spending barrel loads of money to convince the public that they are a green company.

I personally believe the path to a "Greener" tomorrow comes via economics. Gas prices at $3.20 a gallon have done more for fuel efficient car sales than a zillion dollars in ad campaigns.

Early on in the advent of compact florescent lighting - Distributor Product Specialists did a grass roots effort to convince business to switch to compact lighting. It made economic sense and the Specialist proved it to customers one by one. The same thing happened with recycling of mercury content from lamps. It was driven by wholesalers and driven in the right direction.

Today, much of the "green lighting" is coming from Asia. It has been mandated and some silly decisions are being made.

Check out the recent article in the Wall Street Journal for more.....

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