Tuesday, August 5, 2008

US Census Reports - Manufactured Good Up!

This is one of those good news bad news stories for wholesalers. The US Census is reporting that manufactured goods are tracking upward. This no doubt leaves many distributors scratching their heads. If you happen to be an Electrical Distributor, Automation Supplier, or HVAC Distributor you will be particuarly interested in this.

Here are a few of the headline statistics:
08/04/08 – New orders for manufactured goods increased $7.6 billion or 1.7 percent to $457.6 billion in June, the U.S. Census Bureau reported. This was at the highest level since the series was first stated on a NAICS basis in 1992 and followed a 0.9 percent May increase.

But the real story is in the details of the report. Take just a moment to check out the report located here.

Check out the numbers for these items
Industrial Machinery - Shipments down 6.2%
Electrical Equipment - Shipments nearly flat
Electrical Lighting - Shipments down 10.8%

And no surprise here - Light Trucks and Utility vehicles down 20%

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